We bring affordable power to communities underserved and unserved by the grid.

Our solutions power human potential. We provide services throughout the value chain, from feasibility studies and community engagement to network design, financing, and execution.

Energy as a service delivered with dynamic pricing and energy advisory automation to optimize consumer energy efficiency.

We are focused on clustered organized communities and estates preferably with existing legal associations.

Commercial & Industrial

We deliver energy as a service to commercial & industrial partners with social missions.

Our services reduce energy costs and eliminate risk of blackouts or brownouts. We ensure energy continuity to unlock business potential and drive community growth.

We help commercial buildings, factories, and industries alike to reduce their energy consumption as well as emissions by providing cleaner and more reliable power with deeper technology driven insights that improve energy efficiency and management.


We work with leading utilities to provide solutions that are interconnected with the grid.

Our solutions include the infusion of supply and distribution equipment into the utility network to help improve the supply and distribution of electricity while optimizing revenue collection in an end to end franchising model.

We also leverage storage solutions to improve reliability and uptime for areas that are currently underserved; leveraging on technology to ensure seamless switch between energy sources.