Our Solutions

We provide reliable and continuous power to all our customers using a multi-source approach with varying options of commercial models.

From feasibility studies to engineering, procurement, installation, maintenance and billing – we provide a bundled holistic solution.


Grid Crux funds alternative energy generation & distribution infrastructure deployment and locks in long-term annuities with macro factor-focused dynamic pricing strategies.

We sell the generated energy to our clients, who, in return, consume the energy in exchange for an agreed tariff rate without worrying about upfront capital investments or operations and maintenance issues.

We leverage extensively our technology and data-driven approach to optimize energy management and consumer pricing. Grid Crux provides all customers with optional add-on energy advisory services to increase energy efficiency.

We offer two models, namely:

Energy as a Service – Here, our customer pays only for the energy that we supply, and they use

Power as a Service – Here, we enter into a contract with our customers and manage the entire power infrastructure on their behalf.

Lease to Own

We empower Commercial & Industrial clients that have a need for Energy as a Service and the aspiration to own in the future.

Clients benefit from stable energy today, with the ability to buy the assets from us tomorrow.

Grid Crux funds the deployment of electricity generation & distribution infrastructure and works with clients to price customized leases based on individualistic need.

Data summaries will be shared upon asset transfer while Grid Crux continues to support with energy advisory and maintenance services.

Energy Management

Our energy management services help customers monitor their real-time energy consumption to identify opportunities for savings and optimizations. By working together, we can help you make significant reductions in your energy costs and carbon footprint without sacrificing comfort or convenience. Contact us today to take control of your energy usage and start saving money while also doing your part for the planet.

Energy Storage

We offer energy storage solutions to utility companies. These solutions enable utility companies to store energy during off-peak hours and use it during peak hours, which helps to balance the grid and reduce the strain on power systems during high demand. By working with us to implement energy storage solutions, utility companies can improve their energy systems’ reliability and efficiency while reducing their carbon footprint. Contact us today to learn more about how our energy storage solutions can benefit your utility company.

Stages of Deployment of an end to end solution


A diagnostics procedure through which we are able to ascertain your energy consumption, efficiency, leakages, uptime, downtimes amongst other energy parameters.


The analytic result from the energy audit are used to design a bespoke electrical generation models best suited to your energy requirements.


An agreement on best suited model, cost, duration and other terms and conditions.


After all is agreed, we simply deploy with no upfront capital investment requirement from client.


We manage and maintain your installed power system to ensure your energy goals are achieved to the optimum.