About Us


We are a technology and power Infrastrucure company that develops, engineers, finances and deploys alternative energy solutions to the unserved and underserved segments of the African continent.

Our solutions leverage existing technology as a means of delivering optimized energy solutions with a fine blend of innovative financing solutions as a catalyst for rapid acceleration of energy access across Africa.

Beyond using clean fuels to generate energy, we also understand that energy management presents a tremendous opportunity to reduce utility bills, and co2 emissions. Our solutions leverage multiple energy management technologies to actualize our objectives of carbon reduction, clean energy generation and improving access to energy.


To develop sustainable, future-forward energy solutions as Africa’s predominant utility focused on energy equity for all Africans.


To be the leading sustainable energy utility company across Africa by improving access to stable and equitable energy, driving economic and social prosperity for all Africans.

Our Values


“Ubuntu ngumtu ngabanye abantu” – “A person is a person through other people.” Our work to drive Africa-first solutions draws on our local expertise and, in turn, reinforces local knowledge. Everywhere we work, we invest directly in communities, education, and sustainable jobs.


Grid Crux pioneers the application of 21st century innovation to all corners of Africa. We harness only cutting-edge financial, technological, and data innovations to build and sustain a new era of stable energy in Africa.


Access to energy is a basic human right. We keep people at the center of our work to empower communities, co-designing solutions with their needs at the forefront. When our communities thrive, we thrive.


We lead with trust. From regular external finance audits to normalizing pricing standards among local residents, we share all aspects of a project with our partners to maximize results, reinforce accountability, and maintain devotion to our mission.

Why we exist

We are on a mission to eradicate energy poverty , promote energy equity and ensure ease of access to energy for all.

We are driven by a strong desire to unlock the economic potential of the African continent with access to energy as a major catalyst.

Our desire is to make the world a better place, creating a more livable environment with better opportunities; driven by a climate conscious approach that infuses the perfect blend of sustainability, renewable energy , affordability and access for both the unserved and underserved across Africa.

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